About Us


Mint Home was started by Jessie and Keisha in 2009 and offers vintage furniture largely from the mid century period. We source pieces with structural integrity paired with a simple, modern aesthetic. Each piece is stripped, hand painted/oiled using low to no voc paints, and sealed with water based polycrylic. We reroute drawer tracks, re-stain the inside of drawers, and re-glue any loose joints to make each piece look and feel as new as possible.

 In 2012, Mint Home expanded from an online enterprise to a brick and mortar store on the North side of Chicago.  In concert with our vintage furniture, we now are able to offer a wide array of products handmade by local and national artisans. In addition, we pick up all sorts of smalls from our travels, and offer these unique treasures alongside the furniture and handmade goods. 

 Jessie and I see an urgent need to move businesses back to more sustainable models and Mint Home was born out of a strong desire to do our part.  When you shop local, you have the unique privilege of knowing exactly who you support and we think this is wonderful way to not only build community, but positively impact our environment.  We don’t deal in disposable goods from distant lands.  Instead, every item you purchase is one of a kind and we can tell you where each handmade item was made and by whom.  We think that’s pretty special!